Monday, 19 March 2012

Your idea + Mobile + Education= mLearning

For the past few months, we've been talking about innovation, mobility and transforming education thru mLearning. At the foundation of any big idea there are several small ones that are not so perfect, well thought out or even sound half intelligent. 

Do you remember the first time you took a spin on your new bike without training wheels? I still have a scar on my forehead to remind me of that day. Luckily for my daughter , she has transitioned from training wheels to balancing on two wheels in less then week. Unlike her Dad - she has a helmet and knee pads.  

How does transformation takes place? Do we step out of fear and embrace bravery? Why are so afraid to get up in front of people and share an idea? It is really true that more people are afraid of speaking in public then dying? 

So here it is - Desire2learn is providing a platform not to be perfect for one night. 
Bring your idea - your pitch - tell the world (it will be recorded) how education will benefit from your gem and change (the game) how mobility is used in our schools, on campus and how we learn......(how to enter below)

You'll need to qualify to get in (see Willy Wonka Post)
You'll need to be original
You'll need to do it in less then 3-5 min

Location: The Tannery Kitchener, Ontario
Date: March 28th
Time: 5-8

Ready to think big? OR need the $1,000 for 3 min of work?

Got an even bigger idea for show and tell? OR have $75,000 reasons to enter?

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