Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Best practices for students building mobile apps for mLearning

Recently, I sat down with Bill Lee, our product manager of mobility capturing a few ideas and thoughts about encouraging students to embrace mobile application development. 

Additionally we discussed insights for students to build out their portfolio and work experience thru contests and networking events. (see video below)

GSMA reveals mobile is set to transform World Wide Education market valued at US$70 Billion by 2020 As mLearning continues to gain momentum and adoption grassroots mobile development is growing rapidly.

With under 3 weeks to go in our Edge Challenge, what mobile app are you building to transform mLearning inside and outside the class room? Could this experience / contest provide additional value for next co-op / job placement?

Tonight I will speaking (MoBeers - a local forum to share ideas about mobility along with a cold Beer) about the impact of mobility and how it will transform Education. I'm equally excited about listening to my fellow presenters Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) and  Nikolai Onken - both have impressive international experience. The event is sold out and promises to be engaging and fun!

Next week, we'll explore specific mobile use cases and how they might change a learning outcome.




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