Friday, 18 May 2012

Mobile UC inside & outside the classroom 2/4

Has this ever happened to you? You select random on your playlist and Shazam you hit a song that you know very well but upon a another hear something different, unique and engaging.

I've been a lukewarm fan of the punk rock trio, The Police. But upon further digging I discovered layers of music I never heard over commercial radio. The distinctive marriage of rhythm, bass and guitar provide a unique mash-up of ska, punk, pop and rock. Add in a funky time signature and a catchy guitar riff and it is a completely different presentation of the song. Da do do do ...da da da....indeed!

Turning to mobile, how are we encouraging students to develop, program, build, architect something cool -  relevant and necessary!
Do they download a game, decide they can do it better and with a little encouragement (project time or contest) set it to something special. - the answer is YES!

UC #1 - make learning fun

  • provide an interactive experience
  • use gamification to engage the end user
  • create a reward system winning strategy by invoking badging elements

UC #2 - make it personal

  • create social elements by providing a means to connect with others
  • provide a method to identify your location and your friends
  • make it unique to the individual user (photos / settings / avatar)
UC #3 - make it original
  • a simple idea can go viral / be the next best thing
  • does it help automate a process and save time?
  • can a process be improved? 
UC #4 - Is there commercial viability?
  • is there a market and a need for this mobile application?
  • do you provide cross platform support?
  • what is the pricing strategy for this app (how much and where to promote?)

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